Standard Trading Terms & Conditions

At National Sameday we operate under FTA (Freight Transport Association) Standard Trading Terms and conditions.

FTA Terms & Conditions (pdf)

National Sameday operates a net 30-day invoice payment term and therefore payment must be received as cleared funds no later than 30 days after the invoice date.  Payment terms can vary if agreed in writing in advance.

If your account remains unpaid after 7 days from the due date you will receive a letter advising you of the breach of terms.

If no remittance is received for a further 7 days you will be sent a Letter Before Action from our collection solicitors.

Please note that National Sameday has the statutory right under The Late Payments of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 to charge interest at the prevailing rate (currently 8.5%) and to charge compensation of:-

  • £40 (for invoices up to £999.99)
  • £70 (for invoices between £1,000 & £9,999.99)
  • £100 (for invoices of £10,000 and greater)

Your account may be put on hold if payment terms are in breach.

Please note any queries on an invoice must be raised within 7 days.

A monthly credit facility will be given to selected clients and will be agreed in advance.

If no credit facility is agreed then your account will be a cash account and will be required to be settled in advance of any booking.
You are required to operate your account within the agreed limit and should this limited be reached you will be required to settle such sums in order to bring the balance back within the agreed limit.

Your account may be put on hold if the balance is over its authorised limit.

Please note that if you are a supplier to National Sameday Ltd that we do not recognise 3rd party commercial finance or invoice discounting / factoring companies as the legitimate legal owner of our transaction.  All payments for work done will be sent direct to the supplier.

Insurance of Goods
Notwithstanding any of the terms detailed in our FTA Terms & Conditions of Carriage of Goods by Road in the United Kingdom, National Sameday Limited assumes no liability whatsoever for any third-party goods under its control unless specific insurance terms are agreed, named on the policy and paid for in full.

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